Software Review - Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery Software

The demand of Oracle database is very high and because of high demand, its security becomes the most concerned part of its users. Backup is the initial process you can do for your database security. However, at times, taking backup is also not sufficient and issues like backup file corruption, database damage due to virus, etc. takes place and data loss occurs. Therefore it's always better to have a utility to repair your damaged or corrupt Oracle Database Files and reconstruct its objects.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is one of the most prominent utility that repairs corrupt Oracle databases, and recovers inaccessible database objects created in Oracle 11g, 10g, and 9i. Here, I am going to discuss some of its specialties with you, which differentiate it with other similar products.

Product Name: Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery
Version: 3.2
Download Size: 4.6 MB
Installation Time: 20 Sec
Free Demo: Available
License Type: Lifetime License available in

  • Technical License (data recovery software providers, Repair and maintenance companies) – can install this software on multiple systems in different locations.

  • Administrator License (Corporate users, Government segment users) (CD + Download) - can install this software on multiple systems in one location

Note: Simultaneous recovery from multiple systems is not possible in both technical as well as Administrator license.
Price: $599

Product Website Link:

Product Download Page:

Stellar Phoenix Oracle database recovery software recovers all corrupt .dbf files after repairing. It searches all Oracle database files available in the hard drive and supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003 and 2000. It supports recovery of XML data type Table, Schema URL, type Views, and Indexes.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7
Minimum RAM: 1GB RAM minimum (2GBRecommended)
Hard Drive Requirements: 20MB of free space
Supported Versions of Oracle: Oracle 11i/10g/9g

Let's Have A Look On Its Working:

Search Options

After installation, you will see a display window with a pop-up that shows 'Select Database' and 'Search Database' options. If you know the path of the corrupt file just select it by 'Select Database' option and click 'Scan file'. If you want to search the files then use 'Search Database' option to search all available .dbf file from any volume of hard drive. It will display all Oracle database files in a list format. Select it and click 'Scan file'. It will initiate scanning, and start recovery of all database files.

User instructions: Its search option is very efficient and displays all the files in a proper list with all the details. Always remember that it only shows connected database files in the list. Make sure that your installed version of Oracle should be matched with the version of Oracle files that you want to repair.

Scanning and Preview Database
After scanning, it will show you all the recoverable files in the selected database, listed in the left-hand side pane. The list will be viewed in tree format and you can preview of all the tables by clicking on them.

User instructions: On the bottom side of preview window, there is log report, which was created at the time of scanning the corrupt database. It shows the status of other database components such as synonyms, views, triggers, stored procedures, sequence, etc. it will show the process start date and end date, time, records and items recovered in the process, etc. You can save it for reference in future. It will help you to analyze the recovery process in detail at a later stage.

Saving Options
There is a 'Start Repair' option is available in the icon bar, it will initiate repairing process. When you click on it, a pop-up window will display and will provide you information, needs to follow in future. Click 'Next' and in next window provide root of the blank database where you want to store the repaired database files with user name, password. Now click 'Connect' to initiate the saving process.

User Instructions: The time of saving recovered files is completely dependent upon the size of the database. You can view all the restored and repaired database objects after an established connection with the blank Oracle database. So make sure that the connection will be established properly. You must remember that there should not be any active connections or users of new established database with the corrupt database.

My complete Oracle database files were recovered by following the above steps. The new saved database, which I have created to save recovered files, was consisted of all those recovered files, which were lost and corrupt. My system was not very highly configured, even then the software run perfectly on it and complete all the procedures without any problem. One of the best things in Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery software is that it takes very less time in installation and start working without any delay.


  • The software is very fast and allows you to recover database on a new system in case your operation system or Oracle database has some issues
  • It is best for corporate users


  • It does not recover tables with SYS schema
  • Does not recover Compression Table & Encryption Table

Rating: 9 out of 10

Verdict Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is developed by the company to repair all the Oracle database files (.dbf). It also recovers XML files and has the ability to recover database from all corrupt files after repairing them. This software also provides multiple files recovery or manual recovery procedures. I would surely recommend it to all the users for Oracle database as it is very reliable and efficient product.